From Rutgers News (April 12, 2018):  "Rutgers-Newark Neuroscientist Devises Test to Catch Alzheimer's Symptoms Early"

Alzheimer's conference held at Rutgers University campus in Newark

A 3-page article on the AABHI from the RU-Newark Graduate School Newsletter (Fall/Winter 2017-2018)
Fighting Alzheimers in African-American Communities

Winter 2018 issue of RUTGERS MAGAZINE
Sleep: The Antidote to Fear" on p. 34


Rutgers Magazine, Spring 2017 Issue, P. 34
A Classic Condition: Men and old cars? A natural. Mens and doctors' visits? Oil and water.

Rutgers - Newark News March 24, 2017
Newark Classic Car Show Will Help Teach Older Men About Brain Health, Avoiding Alzheimer’s Disease, and Participating in Aging Research at RU-Newark


Rutgers - Community Outreach News; (November 8, 2016)
Food and Brain Health Conference to Bring Hundreds of Seniors to RU-N

Haaretz; (June 19, 2016)
The Palestinian Initiative for Brain Research

SCIENCE (3 June 2016, Vol 352, Issue 6290, pp. 1158-1161).
"Peace of Mind: A young Palestinian neuroscientist hopes to create a research oasis in the West Bank that transcends politics."

March 4, 2016

Preventing Alzheimer's Disease in African Americans by Strengthening the Brain
March 4, 2016


Rutgers Civic Engagament Magazine
- Spring 2014

Rutgers-Newark Students Present Research Projects During Brain Awareness Week
Rutgers Observer - March 25, 2014

Undiscovered No Longer: Young Neuroscientist Honored


Lost Hope - Graduate student Mohammad Herzallah researches depression among Palestinians, with the aim of creating a neuroscience institute.
Rutgers Magazine - Fall 2013

The War Inside: fighting depression in Palestine
The Verge By Jesse Hicks on August 20, 2013

Rutgers Graduate Student Joman Natsheh Selected As International Neuroscience Fellow
Rutgers Today May 6, 2013


How Does Sleep Quality Impact Memory, Mood? Rutgers Researcher Aims To Find Out
RUTGERS NEWARK NEWS, September 24, 2012


Cognitive Problems May Precede PD Motor Symptoms
M. J. Fox Foundation's PD ONLINE RESEARCH, Aug 25, 2010

The Doorway to Memory and Learning
Uncovering the impact of neurological disorders on cognitive function
Mark Gluck, Neuroscience Research, Rutgers University


AAAD Conference
Community Engagement, November 2009

New Findings On Parkinson's Disease And Effect On Patient Behavior
Science Daily, July 7, 2009

How Parkinson''s disease can alter a patient’s ability to learn from rewards, July 7, 2009

Rutgers Research: Parkinson's Disease Alters Patient's Ability to Learn from Rewards while Treatment Affects Ability to Learn from Negative Outcomes
Rutgers, Press Release; June 30, 2009


Creating Memories -- Alzheimer's conference brings together Israelis and Palestinians
Jewish Exponent; October 2, 2008

New Rutgers research center will study Parkinson's disease

The Star Ledger; August 5, 2008

Int’l conference unites Israelis, Palestinians Rutgers professor organized gathering on Alzheimer’s
New Jersey Jewish News, June 26, 2008

Radio Broadcast Interview on Bridges For Peace
Bridges for Peace, June 2008

When it comes to Alzheimer's there is no Mid East conflict
Israel 21c Beyond, June 10, 2008

Rutgers–Newark program aims to combat Alzheimer’s disease in black communities

Rutgers Focus; March 26, 2008

Designing computer programs to simulate the brain and Parkinson's disease
Al-Ahrm (Cairo, Egypt); January 8, 2008


African-American seniors learn Alzheimer's tips at RU; October 17, 2007

When a memory fades
Minorities miss early detection

The Star Ledger; Sunday, May 13, 2007

A quiet death for bold project to map the mind
The Star Ledger; March 15, 2007


Artificial Intelligence Merges With Neuroscience-Will Intelligent Machines Follow?
Neurology Reviews; March 2006


Making a Computer Work Like A Brain
Star Ledger; October 24, 2005

An open letter to supporters of the anti-Israel academic boycott
Israel 21c; September 25, 2005

Parkinson's conference counters Israeli boycott - Rutgers scientist promotes global research
Star Ledger; June 23, 2005

Rutgers-Newark professor spearheads groundbreaking conference in Middle East
New Jersey Jewish News; May 2005

It s magical. It s malleable. It s..memory
Psychology Today; Jan/Feb 2005


A Rising Star in Neuroscience
Rutgers Annual Report 2003-2004

Rutgers-Newark Student Receives Prestigious Goldwater Scholarship For Merit In The Sciences
Rutgers Newark Press Release; April 8, 2004


In Parkinson's, Both Drugs and Disease Damage Cognition
BioMedNet; November 12 2001

Outsmarting Alzheimer's Disease
Rutgers Magazine; Spring 2001

Before 2000

National Press Clippings:

Novelty Detector
Wired; February 1996

"Neural net diagnoses fault in navy chopper"
Electronic Engineering Times, February 26, 1996.

"Neural system confirms fault in helicopter."
Intelligence: The Future of Computing, November, 1995.

"It's magical. It's maleable. It's memory," by Jill Neimark.
Psychology Today, January/February, 1995

"Looking into thinking, computers aid the study of thought"
The New Jersey Star-Ledger, March 21, 1993.

"Amnesia studies show brain can be taught at subconscious level"
The Wall Street Journal October 5, 1993

Rutgers University Press Clippings:

"APA Selects two Rutgers professors for its Distinguishd Scientific Award"
Rutgers Press Release Sept. 3, 1996.

"American Psychological Association award" and "Memory researchers gather at Rutgers-Newark," Rutgers-Newark Connections Fall, 1996.

"Fault Finder, program 'knows' the right stuff"
Rutgers Magazine Spring 1996.

"Hippocampal-Based network developed by Rutgers-Newark researcher: Equipment confirms faults in Marine Corps helicopter"
Rutgers-Newark Connections December 1995.

"Gluck's computer 'learns' to detect helicopter faults"
Rutgers Focus December 8, 1995.

"Bringing neuroscience leaders together for first time"
Rutgers Focus October 8, 1993.

"Teaching computers to think"
Rutgers Focus February 12, 1993.